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Premature Ejaculation Problem and Treatment

Premature Ejaculation Problem and Treatment

  • Gurpreet Singh

Are you facing the same situation this guy is facing??? Is your Partner is not happy with you at bed??? If Yes, Then you must go through this and by the end of this post you will surely get a great solution for your problem.


Before I discuss the causes of premature ejaculation, it is important to know what it is in the first place. Premature Ejaculation (PE) is characterized by a man climaxing(ejaculating) very quickly during intercourse and in some cases just getting sexually aroused may trigger this, even before the act of lovemaking has started.


Generally speaking if a man lasts less than two minutes before climaxing he maybe suffering from Premature Ejaculation. Though a lot of men may feel that they suffer from this condition even if they last 5 to 10 minutes. This can be a very frustrating condition for not only the male partner (whose self confidence may be badly affected by it) but also for the female in the relationship. In some case it puts a lot of strain on a relationship .

What exactly causes premature ejaculation will vary according to who you ask, I’m listing below some of the more commonly held beliefs about what may cause PE:


  • Early Conditioning: For a long time many experts believed that PE could be triggered by the early sexual experiences of the patient ie. a man may suffer from premature ejaculation because he may have been rushed to climax to avoid detection while having sex or even while masturbating, and this tendency to ejaculate as soon as possible could become more permanent in his future sexual encounters.


  • Evolutionary Reasons: From an evolutionary stand point of our species, the sooner a primitive male climaxed the better the chances for him to impregnate his women or in some cases many women, this ensured that his genes had more chances to survive in the next generations.


  • Anxiety: Sometimes just being stressed and nervous about a sexual encounter may cause premature ejaculation, this along with constantly worrying about PE is one of the most common reasons for a man to ejaculate early.


It is important to know that premature ejaculation can be treated by a combination of counseling, medication and special exercises. Always consult  your doctor or a qualified sexologist if you suffer from this frustrating problem. Only take medication under medical supervision and don’t go for remedies which are not proven especially any of the so called magic cures being sold over the Internet. So don’t be embarrassed about getting professional help to get over this problem and reclaiming your sex life.