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₹ 15,100

Vacurect OTC Platinum Erection Device Comprises:

  • Vacurect FDA approved pump
  • 50ml flavorless lubricant + 100ml Chocolate + 100ml Strawberry lubricant
  • 10 reusable tension rings of different sizes
  • Convenient carry bag with user manual.
  • Pure silicon system oil (for maintainance of pump)
  • 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty
  • Revolutionary erection ED enhancement system
  • Suitable for men of all age groups
  • No side-effects
  • Easy to use
  • Sustainable with a life span of (10-15years)
  • Extremely helpful for people having BP, Diabetes or other physical or psychological causes leading to ED.

Why Is Vacurect Best
For ED Treatment?

Comes With 96% Success Rate

Furthermore, Its Exclusively Design To Enhance Erection.

In Addition, It Provides Erection In Just 60 Seconds.

Total Of 10 Tension Ring System

Above All, Its A One Time Purchase.

Hence It Is Easy To Incorporate During Foreplay.

Does It Work?

If I Have Prostate Issues
If I Am Diabetic
If I Am Under Medication
What If The Pills Don't Work

For rehabilitation purposes use the rehabilitation ring or a larger tension ring than used for penetration.


Apply sufficient lubricant on the ring as well as on the head of the penis to ensure that the penis will quickly and smoothly slide through the ring and not stick to the inside of the tube while becoming erect.


Place the vacuum tube with the lubricated ring over the penis and press it firmly against your body at the base of the penis. Begin pumping by using full and brisk strokes for maximum efficiency. When an erection has been achieved, keep the vacuum tube in place to maintain the erection for at least 1 minute. Remove the vacuum tube and allow the blood to flow back into your body.


Repeat step 3 ten to fifteen times, or as prescribed by your physician.


Arrange a discreet call back:

and answers

The pump, if used properly, has ZERO side effects.

Yes, it can be used in conjunction with other medications too.

Erection is achieved within 1 minute and can be maintained upto 30 minutes.

Yes, the pump can be used frequently. We, however, urge to maintain highest level of hygiene.

The product comes with 12 months warranty.

Sorry, no returns are acceptable if the item is unboxed. We are however, willing to help you. Kindly call us now.

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