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Why is Vacurect Best for ED Treatment?

Comes with 96% Success Rate

Total of 10 Tension Ring System

Furthermore, its Exclusively Design to Enhance Erection.

Above all, its a One Time Purchase.

In Addition, it provides Erection in Just 60 Seconds.

Hence it is Easy to incorporate During foreplay.

How To Use

Step 1

For rehabilitation purposes use the rehabilitation ring or a larger tension ring than used for penetration.

Step 2:

Apply sufficient lubricant on the ring as well as on the head of the penis to ensure that the penis will quickly and smoothly slide through the ring and not stick to the inside of the tube while becoming erect.

Step 3

Place the vacuum tube with the lubricated ring over the penis and press it firmly against your body at the base of the penis.
Begin pumping by using full and brisk strokes for maximum efficiency. When an erection has been achieved, keep the vacuum tube in place to maintain the erection for at least 1 minute.
Remove the vacuum tube and allow the blood to flow back into your body.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 ten to fifteen times, or as prescribed by your physician.

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What our customer says

not only in erection issue, my size issue also being addressed over a period of time. I think its increasing in size - and its just been 2 months of regular usage

Sunil Thappa

After the Blue Pills failed - had huge side effects (blur vision) and Kidney issues, Vacuret came to my rescue. My Doctor told me about it - if not Operation or Injections - then this was the best bet he adviced. Trust me the results were better than the Pill. I would strongly recommend - do try. Thanks Vacurect team - you transformed my life

Sandeep Singh, New Delhi

What Doctors say about Vacurect

Every paitient that comes to us today probably has already tried the pills, and is suffering from serious side effects. Pills are not recommeded to be consumed on daily basis - max 2-3 times a week. In these scenario we recommned other options like Surgory, injections or Vacurect Pump. Its a FDA approved device which not only helps in erection issues but also in post prostate procedure as Penile rehabilitation. Highly recommeded

Dr Ashish Sabharwal, Senior Consultant in Urology / Andrology and Robotic Surgery, Apollo Hospital ; Fortis Hospital, New Delhi

Out of the 4 options available to any doctor or paitient for ED issues (Pills, Operation, Injections and Vacuum Pump) , Vacurect is the only one with no side effects, easy to use, cheapest and with success story of 98%

Urologist, Medanta Hospital